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Will Packer – Hollywood’s Billion Dollar Man | Blueprint

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Big Sean – Manifest | SUCCESS VIBES (Motivational Music)

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Navy SEALs Have a ’40 Percent Rule’ And It’s the Key to Overcoming Mental Barriers

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Recognize and Realize

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“Pitty the Fool”

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Music Producers Have a Lil’ Faith

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Don’t let fear keep you from taking a leap of faith. Be fearless, take action, and act as if you can not fell. Try something new, a new sound, a new plugin, a new style of music. Look beyond the limitations of failure and seize the opportunity for victory. We are cautious by nature, but nothing great can be accomplished if nothing is ventured.


You can’t taste victory without first getting onto the field of play and seeing where your talents stack up against the rest. Don’t let competition keep you from pursuing your musical goals. There are tons of lawyers, doctors and accountants, but that doesn’t stop individuals from seeking higher education for those positions. I am not saying that it is easy to become a music producer, what I am saying is that, if you put the time in working on your music production skills, also better yourself with a healthy lifestyle, and develop your spiritual life, you are touching on the three key areas to literally guarantee yourself success as a music producer. So don’t worry about what you can’t do now, focus on what you can do now and take a chance. Remeber to have a lil’ faith, because if you work smart and believe in yourself you will reach your musical goals and beyond.

Tiny differences…

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Chase the vision…

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Musicians, Check your Ego at the Door

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Check your ego at the door. It takes a big man to turn the other check, but it takes an even bigger man to check his ego at the door. When your ego is important it can leave you stagnate and unable to grow as a person. When your ego is important it matters what others think and how they view you.

Your ego will have your mind filled with insecure thoughts when things don’t go the way your ego had imagined. Your ego tells you, you should feel embarrassed when something goofy happens. Your ego keeps you cautious and careful not to make too many mistakes. It’s your ego that tells you you are too good to deal with adversity.


But it’s adversity that shapes us. Adversity helps craft the music we write, and inspires the music we create. Look at it this way, if we didn’t experience adversity, we wouldn’t know what good times felt like. Just like pressure turns coal into diamonds, adversity shapes us into knowledgeable capable, experienced human beings. So remember, drop the ego, and know the best thing we can do is experiment, try new things, fail and learn from our experiences.


Safe is…

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