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If you want to make it in the music business as a music producer SXSW provides an invaluable opportunity for you to move your music career forward. Here are my top 3 reasons you must attend SXSW if you are a music producer.

  1. Networking


Every one has heard the slogan Your network is your net worth,” and its true. SXSW provides vast opportunities for you to meet and mingle with other musicians and music business professionals. There are several free meet up events during the conference that provide ample opportunity to meet other like minded individuals. Its important that you assume the responsibility of speaking to people, starting conversations and being a nice person. Approaching people and being kind have opened doors for me and created some genuine relationships. Through these relationships my friends have invited me to special events, and insider parties.

2. The Panels


The panel discussions offered at SXSW are practical. The topics cover a broad range of musician concerns. The panels seem to seek a common solution for issues facing musicians. The Q&A consistently remained the focus of the panelist. The panelist seem to welcome the questions and were engaged during those discussions. The unfortunate part is often I wanted to attend panels that were at the same time. This gave me a feeling I was missing out on a great panel discussion, but it made me focus more during the session I attended, and it also made me choose those sessions that would be most beneficial for me.

3. The Creativity


There is a creative energy that exist at SXSW that can not be explained. It has to be experienced. With so many creative people from all over the world, its hard not to be inspired by the experience. When people share with me their personal stories of sacrifice to attend SXSW, it made me appreciate my experience even more. I was exposed to different styles of music and the energy that the music evokes from its fans. From singer song writer, to EDM the music from these artist made me want to expand my creativity. I began to look at my music and figure ways I could be a better record producer.

If you are a music producer, you have to go to SXSW to experience the sights and sounds. You will leave inspired and hopefully you will meet some new contacts that you can help, as well as help you move your career to the next level.    -AhlonIsMusic


I love every aspect of the music industry. Tweeting @AhlonIsMusic, Music Producer w/ The Trackuttuz, Recording artist and owner of KEMA Records, Vlogger / Musician Advocate



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