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5 Habits Music Producers use to Find Massive Success

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Success isn’t guaranteed, but here 5 habits you can adopt that will propel you to success.

1. Network


Get out of the studio and meet people. We have all heard the saying “your network is your networth” and its true. The majority of my successes come from me meeting someone at a social event and developing a relationship over time with that person. I think people often rush relationships forgetting that it takes time to build trust and trust is critical to individuals doing business together. Join local and national organizations that foster meet ups and social gatherings.

2.Say NO to Distractions

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Maximizing your time is a critical aspect of success.  Time is priceless. It’s important for you to realize the main asset you have working for you is time. You have to say no to distrations so you can focus on the task that are associated with your goals. Saying no can be the most difficult thing to do. But it must be done. Recognizing time killers, things that are simply a waste of time like excessive phone conversations, watching alot of tv, or surfing the internet are habits that take away from your productivity. Simply No!

3. Plan Your Day the Night Before

The quickest thing you can do to move toward your goals is to plan your day the night before. Dont make a list of alot of task for you to accomplish, make a list of 3 things that are critical to your progress. The 80-20 rule states that 20 percent of your task make up for 80
Percent of your progress. So in other words choose a few key things to accomplish during  your day and you will have made sizable progress.

4. Visualize Your Future

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Visualization is the formation of mental visual images. As a producer use this skill to see yourself in your mind accomplish the day to day task necessary for your career as well as your long term goals. Are you releasing a project? Visualize (imagine in your mind) the success that you want to see for yourself. Take time to really feel yourself successful in your pursuit. Whether gaining new fans or hosting a successful tour, take time to regularly imagine your success. World class atheletes have used this process for several decades to achieve the success they desired. Your life will begin to mimic your imagined accomplishment.

5. Read Read and Read again

Knowledge is power and being knowledgeable about your profession is very important. Knowing the trends, revenue streams and opportunities that are available to you will serve to propel your career in a positive direction. Reading about industry leaders of the past will help inspire you to the possibilities that can be accomplished. Subscribe to the music trade magazines, read them from front to back. Visit those websites that discuss current topics that effect the music industry.


Written by AhlonIsMusic

I love every aspect of the Music Business. Tweeting at @AhlonIsMusic, Music Producer w/ @TheTrackuttuz, Recording Artist and Owner of @kemarecords, Blogger for @unaffmusician

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